Saturday, February 13, 2010

NANUQ - Week Two - Day Six

Finished Chapter Five this week. I went back and worked on past chapters as I wrote the current chapter. This is another part of the writing process. I, as a writer, don't generally write a chapter, finish it, put it completely away and then work on the next one. Instead, I am always going back and revising past chapters based on upon things I write in the new one.

In Chapter Six Michael is going to go over to his next door neighbor's place, Mr. Solvisky. Mr. Solvisky is the grandfather Michael never had. His wife passed away a few years ago. He has children and grandchildren, but they do not live in Churchill. He is from Hungary and he fled to Canada to escape oppression. He likes to encourage Michael's artistic side. He is also artistic and likes to paint the tundra landscapes when the weather permits. He loves the North and finds great beauty in it.

As I was about to start to write Chapter Six, I realized I had not included him in the memorial scene in Chapter Three. So I am now going back to add him to the scene. This process will continue until I finish the book. Chapters, scenes and characters are not set in stone as far as this writer is concerned. I am always making revisions if it serves the story.

So there you go, yet another peek below--or behind-- the covers of writing novels.

Continuing on my write of passage,
James Baron

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