Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RUST - Week Two - Day Three

This has been a slow week for writing. I had the Monday off since it was Family Day in Alberta, and then I had game night last night and I ended up reading the rules on the bus so I would be ready to play after work (it was Game of Thrones--very good game!)

So today I continued working on Chapter One of RUST. I am finding the first chapter to be a challenge because I have all these ideas in my head as to how to introduce: a) the main character, and b) the setting. I am trying to bring my readers into a new world with a new culture and environment. Plus I have the main character for them to meet--and hopefully like or at least sympathise with--in the first page.

So I got past page one today, and I consider that an accomplishment. I hope at this point I can pick up some steam and charge through to end of the chapter.

By the by, I am still planning on trying to find a place that I put these chapters so you, my loyal followers, can read them without having to create a new account and password.

Continuing on my write of passage,
James Baron


  1. Docstoc Private?

  2. Could you post a brief statement about each book in the side panel? This would help the reader to keep straight which book is which when you change weeks. Hope this would not be hard to do.

  3. It was not hard to do. Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous!