Monday, January 4, 2010

FLAME – Week One – Day One

So today I reread the Prologue, Chapter One and the synopsis for FLAME that I had written over two years ago, then shelved in my digital desk drawer. My inspiration for this story was based upon what appeared to be the discovery of a sunken city of the west coast of Cuba. Below are some links to news articles about the discovery:

In short, Soviet-born Canadian ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig from British Columbia-based Advanced Digital Communications were searching for shipwrecks off of Cuba, when they made an amazing discovery. Using sonar equipment they discovered, at a depth of about 2,200 feet, a huge land plateau with clear images of what appears to be urban development partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resemble pyramids, roads and buildings.

This is an original high resolution sidescan sonar received by the EXPLORAMAR expedition in 2000 directed by Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig, Owners, Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) of Victoria, British Columbia and Havana, Cuba. Image © 2000 by ADC. It was released by the Prensa Latina press in Cuba on December 21st in an article entitled, "Geology or Archaeology? Which is it?"

After these articles appeared in 2001 and 2002, nothing more was heard about researching this site. Here are some more recent websites concerning this discovery.

Continuing on my write of passage,
James Baron

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