Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yay! - I'm finally getting comments!!!

I got my first couple of comments this week. Thanks for the feedback! I have this fantasy that six months from now I'll have dozens of comments every day from readers interested in my progress.

In response to the comment about video footage of polar bears fighting...I might load it up to YouTube and then I can post a link to it.

As for the child/parent relationship with the absent parent, I've decided to take the scene of the boy, Michael, and his father building an igloo and make it into a Prologue of sorts. I might title it "Before" instead of the typical chapter heading. The igloo building episode could have taken place the winter before the events of the main body of the book. We shall see.

I finished writing this scene in the 3rd person, and I am considering that when I finish the book, I might rewrite the first couple of chapters in the first person to see how the two compare. There are pros and cons to either style.

I am also considering skipping the details of events of the father going for a snow mobile ride and the subsequent search for him afterwards. This would allow me to get immediately to the boy's reaction of the polar bear in his bedroom the night before the funeral. We'll see how it goes.

Continuing on my write of passage,
James Baron

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