Thursday, January 14, 2010

I joined yesterday

So yesterday I joined, a social networking website designed to encourage interaction through various social, political and cultural topics. They have large following devoted to writing, I figured I'd join as another avenue of accomplishing my goal. Members get their own subdomain (URL or website address), where they can publish articles and share comments. Here is my link:

Members can create groups pertaining to their own efforts, or to any other topic.

So I figured I can write articles about writing efforts, plus get feedback on my work from another source. Below are some links to some posts I created

Today I am planning on posting an article about whether I should write my Churchill book in the first person or the third person. I will take the first page of my story and write it in both styles, then post them together in the same article and then see what comments I get:

Today I finished writing Chapter One and got 5 pages into Chapter Two. I am deciding to give each chapter a subheading that describes the content of that chapter. Chapter One is called "The Polar Bear". Chapter Two is called "Grandma and Aunt Sylvie". Since it will be a children's book I will need to keep the chapters short.

So in closing I found today to very productive for writing and I am really feeling good about NANUQ.

Continuing on my write of passage,
James Baron

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  1. I can't comment at Gather without registering and I just flat out refuse to get yet another user name/password.

    3rd Person is way better for the story you are writing. You can't effectively delve into the issues regarding the missing father in first person. 3rd person allows more flexibility in that regard.